2019-10-06: News Headlines

PSL Connecticut (2019-10-04). 'This is an emergency:' New Haven demands a real Sanctuary City. liberationnews.org " øQue queremos? °Ciudad Santuario! øCuando? °Ahora!" was the chant that rang out from the steps of New Haven City Hall on Oct. 2, as a crowd of 50 people gathered to demand immediate action from the Board of Alders on an ordinance establishing strong sanctuary city legislation.

ACLU (2019-10-03). Trump's War on Asylum-Seekers is Endangering Pregnant Women. aclu.org CBP officers are forcibly returning pregnant asylum-seekers to Mexico in violation of their own rules. | The view from the Matamoros, Mexico side of the Rio Grande — just across from Brownsville, Texas — reveals an unsettling scene. | Young women and children bathe openly in the murky green water, while others wash their clothes on the bank of the river that has claimed so many lives — most recently those of Idalia and her 21-month-old son Iker. This is the new painful reality of seeking asylum in the U…

Meghan Krausch (2019-10-02). 'They Are Killing Our Leaders One by One'. progressive.org As defenders of Honduran forests die, a drug trafficking trial opens in New York for the brother of the country's president.